Wedding Photos!

We hope everyone has had a very merry Holiday Season so far...we received the best Christmas present possible on Christmas Eve - our wedding pictures! It's impossible to describe the emotions we felt while browsing through over 700 of the most beauitfully shot and edited photos we had ever seen! Sharon is such an amazing talent, we would recommend her to anyone! To view her website, go to www.sharonelainephotography.com

We promise, you will be blown away!

Looking through our photos has brought back so many memories from the day. It truly is a blur while you're living it, but Alan and I both tried to hard to pay attention to certain moments - take a snaphot of them - and hold them forever in our hearts and minds. Our pictures take that one step further. Little details that may have been lost are once again remembered - to have and cherish forever. We can't wait to get these photos framed and on the wall :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Wedding Photos!

Wedding Photos!


Marissa's New -Do!

Marissa had her hair chopped off! She knew that Jake was going to be getting his first hair-cut and boy did she ever beg me to get her's cut too! I was just going to get it trimmed, but she was very adamant about wanting it shorter - and I thought, "hey, why not? It's just hair." :) It felt nice to "go with the flow" for once. Maybe Al's temperment has been rubbing off on me??? Nah. ;)

I also wanted to post a picture of Marissa in her new robe - she's very proud of it. I have to make sure it's laid out in her bedroom for her at the end of every night so that it's within her reach when she gets out of bed in the morning. :)


And so it begins....

For our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, Alan and I painted...the entire day...and found ourselves STARVING at 1:00 in the afternoon. Alan made the comment: "How is it that it is Thanksgiving and my stomach is growling from hunger??" At any rate, we actually enjoyed spending the day together and working on our new house. In just four days we were able to paint the living and dining rooms, as well as Marissa's and also pull up the oh-so-seventies-green carpet. :) I even had a little extra time to put the Christmas tree up! I included some before & after pictures of the front rooms. We can't wait to have everyone over to see the fruits of our labor. :)

Jake's 1st Haircut

Jake had his first haircut the day of the OSU vs. Michigan game. :) He did ok as long as he had a sucker in his hand! But he did want mommy towards the end of the ordeal.... as you can tell from the photo. I almost cried a little when I noticed his cute little blonde curls were gone :( I did save some in a baggy though. Sissy had her cut too (A WHOLE 6 INCHES OF IT!) - but I forgot to get a picture....give me a couple days and I'll get some posted.

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