About Me

My name is Jamie, and I blog about life in the Seger household, crazy as it is.  I am a wife and working mom of two beautiful kiddos, Marissa & Jake.  When I'm not working, chasing after the kids, or picking up after *ahem* spending quality time with my husband (whom I adore, by the way), I am reading a historical novel, cooking, freelance writing, or blogging.

I began this blog as a simple tool to help us stay in touch with friends and family who were too far away from us... but it has slowly grown from there.

I am also an Extension Program Assistant for The Ohio State University.  I focus on family, parenting, and healthy issues, as well as help with the county/state 4-H program.  Feel free to visit my working blog - Parents in Action for research-based advice on family-related issues and concerns.

Thanks for stopping by! 
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