The Night Before Kindergarten...

Dear Marissa,

Tomorrow is such a big day in your little life. Tomorrow you will begin kindergarten and a new and exciting chapter will begin for you. This is terribly cliche, but it seems like just yesterday I was taking one of our 3 a.m. "walks" around the living room with you... making a figure eight from the front of the room to the dining area, into the kitchen, and back toward the front door. I would always take a peek out of the front door window to see if any other lights were on in the houses on our block.... hoping that I wasn't the only one awake in the world at that ungodly hour. I can still smell the wisps of your baby shampoo and hear your rhythmic breathing as you would (finally) fall asleep in my arms. Up the stairs I would trot... very, very carefully... and say a little prayer as I went to lay you in your crib. Without fail the moment your head hit the pillow you would wake up, let out a little cry, and reach for me with your pudgy little arms. Of course at the time I was so frustrated I would wish for you to be older, even 5 maybe, so that you would finally be able to fall asleep on your own, without our nightly ritual. There are times I would give anything to repeat one of our walks. They were some of the most peaceful moments of my life.

There have been many changes in our life since those long nights. But you have never lost your spunk, fun-loving personality, or your stubbornness. You have grown into such a smart little girl who is always up for a challenge. I can already sense that we have a teacher's pet in the making. :)

You are so excited to begin school and already love your teacher (even though you've only met her twice!) I am excited for you - and for our family. Some of your greatest memories, adventures, and friends will be products of your school years. Some our families greatest memories will be made from your school activities, sports, events, etc. I can't wait to watch you at your first band concert or to help you get ready for your first prom. This milestone seems like such a monumental one, but when I think about all of the other exciting milestones to come, it really puts this one into perspective.

No matter how many milestones we cross together, you will always be my little Marissa-girl.

I love you so much,


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