Twice the Fun

August has been a busy month for our family for the past couple of years. It is Fair season (which equals craziness at work for me), back-to-school season, and Alan and Jake's birthdays are almost back-to-back smack-dap in the middle of all of everything else that is going on! Our little Jakey-boy turned TWO on August 16th. Mommy had to work :( , but he and Daddy spent the afternoon at a wonderful vintage baseball game at the Willowtree Inn in Tipp City. Jake had a great time and we celebrated a couple days later at his baseball-themed birthday party. I thought I would share a few photos of his b-day festivities.

Happy Birthday Jakey, I can't believe you are two - it seems like just yesterday we were holding you in our arms and calling you our little "miracle." We love you so much!

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  1. Just stopping by from MBC and wanted to say CUTIE KID!!! Adorable :)


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