Renovation Update!

We've been working hard (still) to get fresh coats of paint on the walls room-by-room! Alan and I's winter projects have consisted of: 1. getting my piano back and moved into the dining room! 2. painting Jake's bedroom, and 3. painting the basement.

We were able to get Jake's room painted and to get things up on the walls. Down came the baby-ish Snoopy paintings (so lovingly handpainted for Marissa long ago by Nanna) and up went Jake's new Barry Larkin pictures. Although - I did sneak a couple ribbons on the wall so that the room didn't seem too "grown up" just yet... mommy's not ready for that! :)
Even though we haven't quite finished the basement... meaning we have yet to finish priming the walls and clubhouse before we can even paint...we're hoping to get it done before Spring arrives. Because we know our to-do list will keep growing by leaps and bounds once warmer weather comes to Ohio! A few of the items we would like to accomplish this Spring are: refinishing the dressers in our bedroom, painting our bedroom, installing a new chandelier in the dining room and ceiling fans in the bedrooms, new carpet in the hallway and Jake's room, tile in the bathroom, and flooring throughout the rest of the basement. This of course is supposed to all happen while we're getting ready for the community-wide garage sale. Yeah... we're not ambitious, are we? :)
We'll keep you posted on our progress....

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