Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Signs of Spring

There's something thrilling in the air in our neck of the woods... and it smells like S.P.R.I.N.G.!  Temperatures that are at or above 50 degrees are a triumph here my friends.  Thus - my top 10 favorite signs that spring is on its way!  I'm so giddy I can hardly type..... it's been a long, cold, snowy Ohio winter people... let me have my moment :)

1.  Cincinnati Reds spring training has begun!
2.  My husband begins whining that he really, really wants to go disc golfing.
3.  Our enclosed porch is warm enough from the sun shining in that I can relax in a patio chair while sipping some   coffee on Saturday mornings! = Heaven.
4.  CYFAR conference planning begins for my hubby and I!  What do to in San Francisco this year?.....
5.  The Children's Place begins sending me tempting e-mails with too-cute-for-their-own-good spring outfits for the kiddos... must...control....myself.
6.  Spring Hill Nursery catalogs begin arriving in my mailbox and can start dreaming about gardening.  I have some great gardening adventures for this spring dreamed up in my head already!
7.  My husband and I once again become motivated to keep checking things off of our home-renovation to-do list.  Next up - painting and decorating our dim dark dungeon-like hallway.
8.  The wonderfully fresh smell that lingers in the air after the first warm-weather rain of the season.
9.  That glorious few days in March when the temperature warms up just enough for me to throw up all of the windows and relish the fresh, spring air that coaxes it's way into the house.
10. The kiddos are able to once again frolick in the yard each evening when we arrive home = bye bye cabin fever.... need I say more?

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  1. Oh, I know, I was looking at Easter dresses yesterday! I LOVE SPRING!

  2. I'm definitely excited for spring, too! Your description of your Saturday morning coffee chair has me jealous! :)

  3. I can't wait for spring and completely agree with your list! Although I'm in AL, it's been a LONG, COLD winter and we are ready for spring! We topped 65 yesterday and I could have jumped in the air like a swiffer commercial if I'd liked to! It was wonderful!

  4. OH I can't wait!!! I'm trying to enjoy it now, knowing that we'll have the nasty pollen soon! And at least one more hard freeze (it seems that always happens) But YAY for right now!!!

  5. Too funny - I posted about Spring today too! It's 70 here today and I'm loving it!

  6. My kids played outside all day yesterday and reminded me how much I miss warm weather. I am SO looking forward to Spring!

  7. Looking forward to spring here as well. The Princess has played outside for the last two days after school. So needed after our cold winter.


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