Warning: Garage Sale-'n May Suck the Life Out of You!

This past weekend, Al (hubby) and I thought we would be adventurous and explore uncharted territory by hosting a garage sale during the craziness that is the Tipp City community garage sale day! Adventurous, yes - crazy, definitely! We were very fortunate, however, that we did not have a mob of people in and out of our garage all day long - we were spared due to being the only sale on our street :)

While I do not have photos of the garage sale itself, I do have a couple shots of Marissa's lemonade stand. She was quite possible the best salesperson I've ever seen! Garage sale shoppers couldn't even make it a third of the way down our driveway without her sprinting toward them and begging *ahem* asking them if they would like some lemonade. She also had the (genius) idea of putting her gumball machine on the table as well. All in all she made almost $20 total in less than two hours. Now that's what I call workin' it! And you gotta admit - who can resist a five-year-old selling lemonade that is passionate about what she does? :)

* This last photo was my view for most of the day - me stuck in the garage while Jake frolicked in the yard. :)

While we did make quite a bit of money (Marissa wasn't the only one who made out like a bandit!) it was hard work. I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck Sunday morning and I think Jakey boy felt the same... he showed it by sleeping a total of 7 hours during the day and waking up with a runny nose - poor thing. I think we'll sit next year out.... or just let Marissa do her specialty: offer the suckers... uh... garage saler's, some refreshments. :)

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