Welcome Baby Audrey!

Alan's brother and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Audrey Caroline, on Mother's Day! What a perfect mommy's day present for them - and Al and I were blessed with our fourth niece in the process (we also have three nephews) :) Of course we both couldn't resist to wait any longer to meet our new niece and so we whisked Jakey boy down to the hospital tonight to see her. Jake actually was surprisingly well-behaved in the waiting area for the entire two hours that we were there - he scored extra brownie points from mommy and redeemed them for lots of extra kisses before bedtime tonight! Audrey has the most beautiful head of thick, blonde hair and the prettiest little nose I've ever seen! I can honestly say she made her Aunt Jamie feel a bit of a baby itch coming on...Jakey's not so little anymore :) I'm sure everyone wants to stop reading my text and get to the pics! So here ya go...

I look just like my daddy and Grandma Seger!

What's this guy think he's laughing at? He would be tired if he went through what I did too!

I guess Uncle Al isn't all that bad, he kinda acts like a pro at this baby stuff. Now, if only I could reach those shiny metal things on his face... :)

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