Al's Been 'a Travelin...

...to San Diego that is! Alan recently took an exciting weekend trip out to San Diego to surprise his best friend, Jake at his bachelor party. Yes, that's right, his loving wife told him that she would cancel her plans to go to Chicago so that he could travel 2,300 miles away from her to see and do Lord knows what! Man... I must looooove him :) It was the first leisurely trip he had gone on without me since we had begun dating - so it was a little difficult for both of us to say the least. There was a lot of worry on both sides, but in the end he had a fantastic time, got to spend a weekend with his "long-lost brothers" who left him for California (hehe), and came back to me and the kiddos safe and sound... and of course with lots of stories and pictures to share!

Alan and I learned a lot from this trip - and you can read about how we grew in our marriage because of it in a different post on EverythingMom here.

And, because I know you love 'em - here are a few more pics.

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