OAMC May Menu Critique

My sis and I have been able to almost gobble up all of the Once A Month Mom Cooking items in our freezer since completing our first OAMC big cooking day almost one month ago. I was going to offer up a critique of all the menu items we tried - however, I loved just about everything we cooked! So, instead, I'm going to include in this post the recipes that weren't a huge hit in our household and why.

- Chicken Taco Wraps: I believe there was an error in the recipe instructions and too much rice was cooked for these - this led to the rice not fully cooking before it was placed in the wraps and frozen. The kids refused to eat them just because the rice was too "crunchy."

- Low-Calorie Strawberry Shake: I personally loved these, but my daughter thought otherwise. She didn't care for the maple syrup that was included in the recipe and I honestly thought about omitting it.. and I probably should have. If you are thinking about making this recipe for your kids I would suggest adding honey or apple juice instead of the maple syrup it calls for. However, my sister's kids LOVED the shakes and couldn't get enough of them - so it's your call! :)

- Pioneer Woman's Flank Steak: the marinade for this steak recipe was so soaked into in the steak that it was almost too marinaded by the time we cooked it on the grill a couple weeks ago. The marinade recipe had called for a lot of soy sauce and this resulted in the steak being extremely salty... I could feel my health-o-meter dipping with every bite! :) I would suggest cutting the marinade ingredients in 1/2 when preparing these steaks to be frozen.

That's about it really! All of the other recipes were gobbled up by all four of us, hubby and kiddos included which is pretty amazing considering I have a couple picky eaters in the family to impress :)

Click here to see the recipes above and the rest of the May Once A Month Mom cooking menu.

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