Extension 2.0

In an effort to help OSU Extension (my beloved employer :) transition smoothly into the 21st century, I developed the Move It Miami County blog for the Move It Miami County program this year (a walking challenge for county employees.) The blog has been so successful that I was beginning to wonder if I should re-work my previously created Parents in Action blog and expand upon what I already had. In the beginning, the blog focused entirely on raising teenagers (and all that that entails, obviously...) However, after serious pondering I thought I would expand it a bit to include many issues that come up with parenting in general. So... I'm unveiling the new Parents in Action blog that will cater to the needs of many of my program clients (those who enroll in the various programs that our Miami County office offers.) It will house information on anything from what to eat during pregnancy, to dealing with empty nest syndrome and beyond. As always, all of the information will be reliable and research-based, as well as Extension driven. I'm seriously considering also adding a section that includes real-life parenting experiences to give the blog a personal touch.

Come check out the site, learn about what Extension is all about, and gain some great knowledge at the same time! :) The blog is still housed on a .wordpress URL - I do have an osu.edu URL approved, but it will take some time before we switch over. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think!


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