*enter annoying snoring sound here - oh yeah, over and over again too!*

I love my husband, very - very much. But, like many *ahem* most men, he can have a few annoying habits... the latest to rear it's ugly head is the "I'm asleep on the couch snore-fest." Now, I should be incredibly grateful that this snorefest doesn't transpose itself into our bedroom night after night. It seems to only happen when he's spread out on the couch... so spread out in fact that I have to crouch, uh, pretzel style down at the end of the couch to avoid sitting on the floor and getting a numb butt. :P Anyway, with Alan's schedule being a few hours ahead of mine everyday, it makes for a boring and lonely night sometimes. He tends to be down for the count by the time the last kiddo is snug in her bed - which means I am moving from tucking Marissa in to logging on... far from making my way to bed. Isn't it bad enough that I have to sit up alone watchng TV and tutoring online by myself while trying to figure out what every little noise and knock is in our new house? Oh well, eventually I might get up enough guts to banish him to the bedroom after he's so deep into sleep that he's drooling and the snorefest begins.... but then again... who else would keep me "company" by laying beside me on the couch? :)

BTW - we've successfully covered 3/4 of the basement walls with paint! Paint of all colors, no less! It is truly turning into "kiddyland." :) We'll post pics soon.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

*the picture with this post was taken when Jakey was just two months old... hard to believe he was ever that LITTLE! :)

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