Menu Plan Monday

Well, I have a confession to make.  "Life" happened over the weekend and sis and I did not finish our OAMC day.... in fact, we didn't even start. *gasp*! (Don't tell Once A Month Mom ;)  Honestly - it just wasn't meant to be.  My cooking partner wasn't feeling up to the task this weekend and I was a bit relieved when she brought up putting the big cooking day off until next weekend... we already had a jam-packed schedule without cooking.  Not having to cook on  Sunday also meant not having to spend a couple hours prepping on Saturday evening.  So Alan (hubby) and I were able to sneak in a nice, quiet (cheap) steak dinner after the kids were asleep.  It really was a breath of fresh air being able to eat a meal by ourselves at our own dining room table; I honestly cannot remember the last time that had happened.  It truly was the best Valentine's dinner I could have asked for this year. :) Anywhoo..... my menu plan for this week needed a bit of tweaking, since I had hoped for a freezer-full of meals to choose from that are now nonexistent... oh well.  I have found that life goes on even when plans change... and menu planning must go on as well!

Oh, and just for kicks, I thought I would include a wedding pic in honor of V-Day.  Because sharing a quiet, candlelit dinner in the comfort of my own home with my husband only reinforces how much I truly love him.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

Monday - Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Tuesday - Baked Ziti
Wednesday - Mommy's teaching a night class, hubby & kiddos on their own = Leftovers
Thursday - Lemon Pepper Chicken and veggies
Friday - Dinner w/friends
Saturday - Family wedding = free meal (nope, I'm not afraid to say it :)
Sunday - OAMM Big Cooking Day (rescheduled) = scarfing food down when I have 5 seconds to spare! Hubby & Jakey might be on their own.

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