Visitation Schedule Cards

Last week, I was fortunate enough to come across the livinglocurto blogsite.  I am always fascinated by graphic designers... the endless talent and creativity that they possess and that I want mostly.  Amy didn't disappoint.  While browsing her blog, I came across her wonderful morning routine cards.  These cute little cards are sure to be a time saver for me as I get myself and two whiny sleepy children ready and out the door by myself each morning!  I can't wait to try them out this week!

Amy inspired me to create some handy cards for myself.  Marissa (daughter) has been asking for a copy of her visitation schedule that she could read (she's only in kindergarten... and I don't ask much of her obviously.. hehe) for some time now.  So, what easier way would there be than to create cards modeled after Amy's templates that were color coded, picture coded and easily readable?  I'm really happy with the way they have turned out and most importantly of all, so was Marissa.  She loved the purple and pink theme - as well as the picture on the "mommy" cards.

Because I know that resources such as this one for blended families are hard to come by, I'm making them available for anyone and everyone who wishes to have a copy of their own for their children.  Just open the link, print, cut out the cards and put them in the order needed for your child's schedule.  This post will contain a link for the purple and pink cards, while more boy-friendly color-coded cards will be posted soon!

My hope is that these cards will help make you and your child's life seem a little less hectic.  :)  Click on the link below to view and print - it's FREE.

Visitation Schedule Cards (for girls)

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