Wordless Wednesday

This is the time of year when my husband begins yearning for warmer weather and.... disc golfing.  He is an avid disc golfer - like so many others he began in college and has never looked back since! During the short period of time that we lived in the city between my workplace and his, we made frequent trips to Buck Creek State Park with the kiddos.  It was an expansive and welcoming green space that was a major saving grace for a 4-person family cramped in a little apartment.

One can only imagine my husband's joy when he discovered that the park was installing a disc golf course on the outskirts of the premises!  He anxiously waited until the first opportunity of the year (we had to bundle the kids up in order to go, but hey, it was for a good cause).  And during that first trip out discing at Buck Creek, daddy couldn't resist setting up this photo op.  Our youngest, Jake, was about 7 months old when this photo was taken... daddy couldn't have been more proud.


  1. THis is adorable! Brad, my husband, also loves to play and got his own basket for christmas so we can practice in our yard. We have a couple places closeby to go out and play. In Nov, when we were having an indian summer, us and my sister and brother in law sat outside with a few beers and let the kids play on a blanket and played useing Brad's old homeade basket. It was a blast.

  2. Picked up Disc golf about five years ago when a buddy asked about "frolf". We found the Belmont course in Dayton and O'fisher off 35 in West Dayton. Great time to spend with friends and best of all, it's free! :D

  3. @Julie - that is so cool that Brad has his own basket for backyard practicing! I mentioned it to Alan and he's jealous :) He used to be happy with his disc bag that I bought him a couple years ago, but not now! hehehe....

    @Kyle - We've been to the Belmont store and course. My favorite course has to be Blendon Woods in Columbus, but you do have to pay $1.50 per person to play. I'll agree that having a free hobby does have it's benefits! And it's not just for friends, my hubby took our 5-year-old out last summer and she really enjoyed it. :)


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