Things I Love Thursday: February

Wow, it has been a while since I've blogged! I guess the first of the year is always insanely busy for our family... this year was no exception. I thought I would get back in the blogging saddle by writing up a Things I Love Thursday post, and this one will be on..... the month of February. Why in the world would anyone love the month of February, you ask? I'm am not unaware of the vast majority of midwestern Americans who absolutely despise this month - we are all sick and tired of winter by this point and it seems never ending. But there are so many reasons to celebrate February in my book. Valentine's Day (while a funny holiday, I admit) is always a nice transition between the cold of winter and the warm promises of spring. My birthday is also in February, which usually means it will be cold and snowing (or sleeting) on the day of... but that's okay, because it is still a reason to celebrate something with my husband and with our family. And that is a great gift in the middle of a cold, wet, and bleak winter.

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  1. I love February too, especially Valentines Day! I think it's a great excuse to love up on those nearby! We decorate, eat a fun breakfast, and give small gifts here, and it's always something to look forward to!


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